Sunday, March 18, 2012

Would anyone like to know my weight?!

I think I have really made good progress so far with this challenge.  Up to this date I am seeing slight results, and if I wasn't so self-conscience I would post a picture of before and after results, but I don't think I have that type of guts.  I will tell you that before this challenge I weighed 145 pounds and I currently weigh 132, so through this process I have lost weight and I think I would be way more successful if I had paid more attention to my food habits as well, but there's only so much you can do!  I encourage everyone to keep pushing and I promise results will come!

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  1. Posted on Facebook by Samantha Darr:
    "Brittany, I think that it's great that you are making progress and I have been struggling to keep up with you, but I have also lost some weight. Not quite as much as you but I have lost a little bit. Thank you for your motivation for me to continue this workout."